Outdoorsman Taxidermy and Wild Game Processing
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Taxidermy Prices
  •  Shoulder Mount $550
  • European Mount $175
  • Horn mount         $ 90
Bobcat Life size $800
Fox Life size  $800
Coyote Life size $800
Bear rug $200/ linear foot
Bear Life size starting at $1500​
Mule deer shoulder mount $650
Elk shoulder mount $900
Turkey fan with beard $90
* Custom quotes on all other taxidermy mounts.
   All Prices subeject to demand and other factors

Outdoorsman Taxidermy and Wild Game Processing Services
At Outdoorsman Taxidermy and Wild Game Processing, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.
Processing Prices
  • Sliced tenderloin with burger or sausage up to 40 lbs                  $70
  • Sliced tenderloin with burger or sausage over to 40 lbs                $80
  • Split orders extra $5
  • Sliced Hindquarters or Roast                                                   $10/HQ
  • Bologna, Summer Sausage $3.25/lbs
  • With cheese                                                                         additional $1/lbs
  • With cheese and Jalapeno                                                        additional $1.50/lbs
  • Bacon Burger $3.50/ lbs
  • Cube Steak $10/ HQ

How To Bring Us Your Game
There is very Little to be done to your game before bringing it to us for either processing or Taxidermy. The most important thing to remember is to keep it cold, Below 36 Degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
The deer should be gutted and the Butthole and Bladder removed. If being mounted, be sure not to cut into the brisket area.
Should mount should have the top 6in of neck for accurate measurements, and be sure to not cut anything from the mid body forward.
Life-size mounts should be frozen or chilled immediately and taken to the taxidermist right away, do not gut a life-size mount unless absolutely necessary.
A 50% deposit is required on all orders
Half or whole Skinned Deer NOT ACCEPTED
  • NO HEAD Deer additional $30

  • Cooler meat/ Quarters NOT ACCEPTED during muzzleloader/gun season.